W.L. Decker Contracting, Inc. offers a variety of project delivery and services to choose from, depending on your particular needs and goals. But our value goes beyond construction skill and expertise. Because of our size, we can offer you the guidance and personal attention you’d expect from a smaller firm. We will listen to your needs, carefully advise you of your options, and help you navigate your way through the many steps required to bring your project to completion.

At the end of the day, W.L. Decker is a service company at heart. Your satisfaction is our main priority.


General Construction

200376597-001Through our General Construction services, W.L. Decker is able to maximize your budget, resources, and timeline by managing your project from start to finish. Rather than having to communicate with and supervise various contractors, suppliers and manufacturers, we can provide full oversight for you. We will direct your project from the design phase through post-construction, ensuring total accountability and reducing the burden on you and your staff.

Construction Management

Our Construction Management services aim to address your greatest project concerns: schedule and budget. Our objective is to serve as your advocate; to control potentially costly issues from arising through aggressive management of every project detail. From estimating through construction completion, we are always looking out for your best interest, which includes suggesting alternative solutions and delivery options in order to maximize efficiency and productivity. Our knowledge and skills will ensure that your project is constructed within budget, on time and to the level of quality you expect.

Design / Build

Our Design / Build services combine the function of an architect, engineer and construction manager into a single point of accountability for your project, from design to completion. You know the guaranteed cost and timeline upfront, minimizing your risk and reducing the duration schedule. Through W.L. Decker’s Design / Build solution, your project will benefit from a fast turnaround, while still retaining total attention to detail and quality. Every aspect is built to specification and all requirements are met, guaranteed.



Site Cost Analysis

Our site cost analysis team will analyze your prospective site and evaluate the suitability of it for a specific development proposal. We will consider zoning requirements, legal and regulatory compliance issues and restrictions, existing infrastructure, and any other concerns that would impact the cost of opening your doors. As a result, you will gain the information you need to move ahead with your project with peace of mind.

Construction Safety Inspections

We offer initial site safety inspections to identify hazardous conditions at your worksite, providing owner protection and employee safety.