Construction Trends to Watch in 2018

2017 is now behind us, and here at W.L. Decker Contractor, we are excited to say we accomplished more than we could have dreamed. As we step into 2018, theres a lot of new trends emerging in the construction and commercial contractor industry; we plan to meet the challenge, and tackle these trends head […]

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Construction Drones on the Horizon

Drone technology has been everywhere the past few years, and the commercial contracting and construction industry isn’t any different. When taking on a new project or build out, a responsible general contractor knows the latest technology is necessary to get jobs done quickly and under budget. Here at W.L. Decker we are always looking […]

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Working on Winter Projects

Winter creates a strikingly different environment for construction and commercial contractors. When taking on projects, it’s absolutely vital that general contractors consider these conditions. Here at W.L. Decker we take elements of nature very seriously—from hurricanes to blizzards, we know every change can cost a great deal without the proper preparation. On Construction Dive, author Kim […]

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Qdoba Remodel Cheyenne, WY

Our team has just finished a remodel of the fast casual franchise restaurant Qdoba, out of Cheyenne, WY. This project was a pleasure to work on with our partners and team. This was a longterm client that we have a lot of experience working with, so we knew what to expect and we executed this project without […]

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Tech Spotlight: Kansas City Tests Smart Roads

Kansas City, MO has confirmed two projects that will incorporate sensors and internet connectivity into roads.  They hope to build a combined 1.5 miles of this “Smart Road” in order to monitor traffic and road maintenance needs. The project should be completed by August 2018.

Smart roads are an emerging technology that is growing, coupled […]

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Tech Spotlight: Cable Free Elevator

Here at W.L. Decker, we love to look to the future to understand both industry trends, and technologies that we could use in our future contracted commercial builds. When we take on a restaurant or retail construction project as the general contractor, we make sure to use all possible tools to get the job […]

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Hot-Spots for Future Restaurant Builds

In the restaurant industry there are a lot of factors to success, but one of the biggest is—as the old saying goes: location, location, location. Here at W.L. Decker we put a lot of energy into making sure we are investing in the right locations for economic growth and success for what we build. […]

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2017 a Year for Healthy Fast-Food

Reports are coming in that healthy fast-food restaurants are becoming more and more popular in 2017. According to some fast casual dining restaurants that center around health have seen a recent spike in popularity and growth.

“In order for a fast-food chain to identify as healthy in the eyes of their consumers, they need to consider every […]

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Tech Spotlight: Wireless Construction

Staying up-to-date on all technology related to the commercial contractor industry is very important to success during construction. Being on the cutting edge of technology is key to getting construction jobs done on time and under budget. Recently, Disney has developed a new technology that could change how franchise construction is carried out. During […]

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Lubbock TX Church’s Chicken Ground-Up Build

Another recent build we did for Church’s Chicken was in Lubbock Texas. This was a ground-up, new build, franchise construction project. We are always excited to take on new projects, and on top of that this was a client that we truly love to work with. We have completed multiple restaurant construction projects with them, […]

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