Staying up-to-date on all technology related to the commercial contractor industry is very important to success during construction. Being on the cutting edge of technology is key to getting construction jobs done on time and under budget. Recently, Disney has developed a new technology that could change how franchise construction is carried out. During a proof-of-concept demo, Disney showed off an entire room that could wirelessly charge electronics. Although this tech is still quite some time away from hitting any construction sites, Construction Dive thinks it could be a peak at the future of commercial builds.

“This isn’t wireless charging where someone places their smartphone on a powering pad that’s connected to a wall outlet with an AC cord. No, this is Magic Kingdom,” writes Chris Wood of Construction Dive, “walk into a room and have a passive magnetic field automatically juice up the gadget kind of wireless charging…For contractors, the benefit of QSCR charging is obvious, eliminating the need not only to plug and power tablets and smartphones, but ostensibly battery-equipped power tools as well.” Wood goes on to point out many other features of this technology and how it could effect the construction contractor industry.

This type of technology is not yet ready to be on-site, but it is very important to us that we understand how tech is progressing, so we can have as many tools at our disposal when we start our projects. This one certainly has caught our interest, and we will be watching it closely as it develops.

You can read the entire article from Construction Dive, here.