When creating partnerships with our clients, one of our key focuses is communication. We want to make sure that each of our clients feels 100% informed and in control of their projects. That’s why we are currently creating the means to have a live photo time lapse on our website. When this is up and functioning, all of our clients would be able to keep an eye on their projects every step of the way. Being able to see a project from start to finish almost as if you were there on the site with us.

We know that making an investment in commercial construction project is a big commitment that needs to be met with care and consideration. We want to make sure that our clients can feel that care, by having access to the on-site construction project through a real tangible means. This not only provides that comfort for our clients, but also it holds us as contractors accountable for all parts of the process. We want to step up to that responsibility.

Once we have the equipment in place and do some testing with our current website model, we hope to have this system up and running. After that is accomplished, every client will be given a url to watch their commercial construction project develop through a series of photos that are updated live.

Our expected arrival of this feature is sometime next year, relying on a wide array of factors. To find out more about this feature you can contact our director of business development with any question you may have, at nick@wldeckercontractor.com