We are proud to announce that Matthew Decker has been promoted to Vice President of W.L. Decker Contractor. Matt Graduated from Michigan State University in 2012 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics. After Graduation he worked at Hawk Hollow Properties Inc. as the Assistant Superintendent, until he became the Director of Business Development at W.L. Decker. Here he has proved himself time and time again, earning this promotion through hard work and dedication.

As the Vice President Matt will be responsible for all aspects of construction operations from working with the development team during initial project identification through the stages of development to project close-out. He has been a hard working driving force behind W.L. Decker for a very long time. Son of founder, William Decker, Matt has been learning what it takes to lead a construction contractor his entire life. Matt has already brought on the current Director of Business Development, and Website Manager, making some huge investments in the future of W.L. Decker and it’s partners. We are excited to see where he will take W.L. Decker in years to come.