In the restaurant industry there are a lot of factors to success, but one of the biggest is—as the old saying goes: location, location, location. Here at W.L. Decker we put a lot of energy into making sure we are investing in the right locations for economic growth and success for what we build. We wanted to highlight some of the areas that we think are sound investment across the nation right now. These places have a growing economy, a consistent market, and a great scene for franchise restaurants and retail business.


Michigan – Greater Detroit Area

This is an obvious choice for us. We made our start as a contracting company right here in Michigan, and we can certainly thank the state’s beauty and community for making this a profitable start for our company. We’ve built long lasting business partnerships in this state, and we’re optimistic that we’re going to continue to build these partnerships. We are confident in the growing market of Detroit and it’s surrounding neighborhoods, like Oakland county, Livonia, Dearborn, and more.


Colorado – Front Range

Denver is obviously a huge part of what we’re talking about when we look at Colorado, but there’s much more than just Denver. The entire Front Range has an incredible market for fast casual dinning, and we think it still has room for growth. So many cities in the Front Range of Colorado have really promising prospects: Boulder, Fort Collins, Greeley, Brighton, the list goes on. This area is one of the major players in restaurant and retail industry, and we’re looking to partner with clients to help cultivate this growing economy, and keep contributing to this beautiful state.


Florida – East Coast

We’ve been watching Florida closely and we’re very excited about a lot of different prospects. Orange County is a huge hot bed for the restaurant and retail industry, but so is the rest of the east coast of Florida. From Orlando down to Fort Lauderdale and everywhere in between, we are seeing a lot of promise in the market and can’t wait to start building in this area.


Texas – Rio Grande Valley

Texas is a huge state, so there is a lot to consider here. We’ve done a lot of work around the nation, but our experience with Texas has left such a good impression on us that we can’t help but want to keep working in the area. We’ve done work in Brownsville, and we’re very interested in investing more time and energy into the Rio Grande Valley as a whole. As a national commercial contractor we are very interested in what the cities in the Rio Grand Valley have to offer, as well as larger cities like San Antonio. Right now we are searching for the right clients to get projects started so we can get to work.