This was a project our team took on in that past that we had a lot of enthusiasm for. It was an existing freestanding building demolition and rebuild, for Church’s Chicken in Brownsville Texas. Brownsville is a very lovely place, and this location was perfect for Church’s Chicken, but we needed to take down the existing building first. It wasn’t a suitable structure for a commercial restaurant, and we had identified that we could build seriously superior infrastructure with our construction team, so we took on the project.


In every project that W.L. Decker takes on, we make sure we finish on schedule, but in some cases we need to do even better. For this project, we agreed to an accelerated project scheduling in contractual negotiations. Fast-tracking a demolition and rebuild project is not something we take lightly, because we know that on-time construction is vital to a projects success. Consistent with our reputation for all commercial construction projects, we followed through, meeting our accelerated completion deadline.


Another obstacle that made this commercial contracting project unique was the multi-cultural aspect. There are a lot of Spanish speaking clients and partners in Brownsville and we needed to accommodate them. We sent our bi-lingual superintendent to the Texas/Mexico border city of Brownsville to procure and assist in signing local trades. Communication is key in creating successful franchise construction and commercial development team. Things can become more complicated when more languages are involved, but it’s no excuse for lost time or miscommunications.


This client really resonated with W.L. Decker’s aura of top quality construction & business model in surrounding towns, leading to seven more contracts and a long term client. This is how we prefer to carry out construction projects; with people we trust and care about. If we take a construction project, we intend to build not only sound infrastructure for the project, but also in our relationship with our clients.


At the end of the day, we ushered in clear communications between client, city, and contractor to lead to successful scrape and rebuild. Every construction project offers new challenges in budgeting, scheduling, communication, and much much more, but here at W.L. Decker Contractor, we look forward to overcoming those challenges.