Drone technology has been everywhere the past few years, and the commercial contracting and construction industry isn’t any different. When taking on a new project or build out, a responsible general contractor knows the latest technology is necessary to get jobs done quickly and under budget. Here at W.L. Decker we are always looking for the next big tech that will change how we see commercial construction.

According to Construction Dive “3D Robotics (3DR) has announced it will be integrating its Site Scan drone data platform with Autodesk BIM 360 to streamline project teams’ ability to retrieve and share drone data from the job site.” The drones would attempt to create a 3D map of sites to monitor how construction progresses. The idea is the drones can compare the site in progress with the design PDF files that can be uploaded. This will help contractors spot possible discrepancies between the design plan, and the physical structure as it goes up. W.L. Decker has already been exploring and integrating time lapse technology for monitoring sites as construction progresses; this is a natural next step. Start looking at the site from multiple angles with technology that can cross reference our design plans.

This tech is still some ways off, but we like to stay up to date on ahead of the curb on what is coming. You can read more about this tech at Construction Dive.