The recently published article, “A Hidden Epidemic: Construction suicide data draws industry crisis into the spotlight” expresses a concern that W.L. Decker cares deeply about; suicide in construction.

Author Emily Peiffer opens:

“One afternoon in 2014, a distressed and despondent RK Mechanical employee gave away his tools to his coworkers. Looking back, managers realized he was saying goodbye. They didn’t realize it soon enough.

Later that night, the worker killed himself.

‘Nobody was really prepared to notice it, acknowledge it, deal with it, or ask him what was wrong,’ RK Director of Marketing and Communications Heather Gallien said. ‘It was an instance that could’ve been averted had staff been better prepared.'”

(You can read the full article here.)

Here at W.L. Decker, we have been working to understand these concerns for years. We have always been taking initiative to careĀ for the health and lives of construction workers. We hope that these issues continue to get this publicity that it needs.