Reports are coming in that healthy fast-food restaurants are becoming more and more popular in 2017. According to some fast casual dining restaurants that center around health have seen a recent spike in popularity and growth.

“In order for a fast-food chain to identify as healthy in the eyes of their consumers, they need to consider every detail.” Says Longevity Live author Skye Mallon. “And these up and coming healthy fast-food franchises seem to be up to the task! In fact they are steadily becoming a threat to mainstay fast-food chains, because of the rate at which they are able to produce ‘fresh & healthy’ food as tasty alternatives to their competitors processed options.”

The author goes on to list a few hot restaurants that consumers can look out for in 2017. This list includes fast food franchises like Lyfe Kitchen,Veggie Grill, Salad and Go, Freshii, and more. As a commercial contractor that specializes in fast casual franchises, this kind of growth is exciting and promising. We can’t wait to see what kind of growth 2017 will  bring for the industry as a whole, but in the process, we’d love to work on some health focused fast-food restaurant builds.

When looking for new construction projects to take on, as a national commercial contractor, we want whats best for the community we are building in. Healthy fast food is just another way we hope to help out and improve all communities we build in, nationwide. You can find more about healthy fast-food dining and read the rest of the article here.